Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu

Founder, Director

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"Teaching Self-Love, Compassion & Empowerment through African Culture & Yoga"


Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario, known to the world as Queen Mother Imakhu, is the foremost authority on Khametic Water Spirituality, a ground-breaking scholar, and is the most imitated contemporary spiritual teacher today. 


Queen Mother Imakhu is a veteran working artist, music teacher, motivational speaker, multimedia producer, certified yoga instructor, art/spiritual event coordinator, ordained Interfaith minister, initiated Shenu-Khametic High Priestess, initiated Bantu water healer, and an ordained healing minister. She was diagnosed in the 90's with ADHD, OCD, Asperger's, and epilepsy. Above all, this Afrohemian Renaissance Woman, mother to two adult children, and a domestic violence survivor, is an inspiration.

Queen Mother Imakhu's gift is in utilizing art as the vehicle to help people courageously reach higher, dig deeper, and embrace their uniqueness. As a cultural educator, Queen Mother teaches the importance of reclaiming ancestral/family indigenous cultural practices, yet advancing traditions to fit today's world. Her family roots in Mende, Bantu, Gullah Geechee, Lumbee, and Caribbean cultures have shaped her own personal identity .

As founder of SHENU Khametic Ashram and SHENU Khametic Ministries, LLC, Queen Mother Imakhu has taken her Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) and New Thought metaphysical training to "The Next Level in New Thought." Sharing Khametic teachings from a groundbreaking place of universality, love, compassion, high ethics, and activism, Queen Mother continues to evolve the Khametic spiritual movement forward. As a lifelong professional artist respected for being a no-nonsense business woman, Queen Mother facilitated workshops guiding novice working artists into "The Business of Art."

Queen Mother had the distinction of becoming the first African American woman to create and run an online, 24/7 Black Consciousness Internet radio station, AKERU NuAfrakan Network.  Through her company, AKERU MultiMedia, she produces topical teaching videos that include Shenu-Khametic Restorative Yoga, motivational messages,  and soon-to-come African drumming and storytelling. AKERU MultiMedia has also been the vehicle for Queen Mother's podcasts, live video classes, music and meditation CDs, websites, digital art, and special events. She is currently producing her one woman show, "The Water Brought Me Here.

As an activist, Queen Mother Imakhu is an active member of People's Organization for Progress in Newark, NJ. Further, she's a member of NJ's Interfaith Action Movement (I AM), Newark Interfaith Clergy Alliance, African Diaspora for Justice, and Latino Action Network. Queen Mother was recently honored by Newark Interfaith Alliance for her commitment to community service.

Queen Mother Imakhu is also a member of National Association of Black Storytellers, the National Black Council of Elders, and the Association for Studies of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC). She is board member of Friends of NJ Symphony Hall, and Sonic Explorations music education program. Queen Mother recently founded Interfaith Clergy Against Abuse Network (I-CAAN).

Touring has brought Queen Mother Imakhu to diverse people and places. Whether through concerts, motivational speeches, yoga classes, counseling sessions, or business workshops, Queen Mother Imakhu's heart and humor touch everyone she encounters. Her familiar send-off is, "Mer Aa. Heri." (In Khametic language, "Much Love. Be at Peace.")