Baba Mandaza Kandemwa, Bantu healer and wise man of Zimbabwe, initiated Queen Mother Imakhu into the njuzu (water spirits) nganga healing tradition in 2006. He declared that Queen Mother, her initiated spiritual goddaughter, was to heal, teach, and initiate Black and Brown people in the United States back to their Bantu water traditions.

She has remained a faithful servant and peacekeeper to her people since then. 

This fall, Baba Mandaza and Queen Mother Imakhu will present Zoom conferences, teaching the art of peacemaking, personal empowerment, and oneness with the Divine.

Queen Mother Imakhu has researched the Bantu connections and influence in Ancient Khamet. Having learned of her Bantu DNA, she feels especially connected to the Nganga tradition, and their influence upon Ancient Egyptian culture. She looks forward to sharing more in the upcoming Zoom conferences to teach peace, empowerment, and unification to our world.

Baba Mandaza Kandemwa is the honorary Grand Godfather of our Shenu practice. To give a Love Offering  to Baba in support of his mission and work as a global peacemaker and healer, use the PayPal button below.

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The Village of the Water Spirits by Mich

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