SHENU has reopened initiation classes with Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu.

Starting March 11, 2021, students will begin learning Khametic water spirituality, Khametic protocols, language, prayers, yoga, chants, ceremony, sacred calendar days, lore, mysticism, and sacred texts. 

These classes are for serious students only, not dabblers or curiosity seekers. The three levels are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced student.

$50 monthly for group classes, $100 monthly for private classes, paid via PayPal invoice. Classes are renewable after a year. Classes will be taught via Facebook private groups with a combination of live videos, pre-recorded content, and literature all taught and generated by Queen Mother Imakhu. Tuition must be paid up front. Payment arrangements available, but full annual payment preferred.

Membership in SHENU Khametic Ashram is required. Fill out the form below to qualify and to receive your personal invoice.

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