Uhem Ankh

(Living Waters)

New Shenu logo 2021-final by Elaine Lloy

In Khametic language, "Uhem Ankh " means "Living Waters. Waters that renew life. Repeating life. Rebirth. Born again." Living water becomes alive when it is exposed to sunlight, and is buoyant. When imbibed, living water energizes the body. Dead water does not support objects, and causes more energy to be expended as objects sink - it takes more energy for them to be moved. The same can be said when dead water is ingested. The body must work much harder to process it (this included plastic bottled water).


The symbol for Uhem Ankh is the frog - namely Heqet. In ancient Khametic culture, frogs represented abundance, renewal, and the power of life over death. Frogs are also the symbol for "heh" - eternity. Frogs tend to have electrical properties in their skin that can renew what it comes in contact with. I remember being surprised to discover how reinvigorated I felt after holding my tiny frogs when cleaning their tank. That experience led me to doing research on the electrical properties of frog skin and their secretions.

By the way, people assume that frogs are cute, harmless creatures. Huge mistake. Frogs are far from harmless.


Lastly, Uhem Ankh was another name for what became known as the Nile River. In an area surrounded by desert, as Khamet was and is, water was considered a refreshing blessing that revived the soul.


In African culture, those who went before are part of what is called the River of Ancestors. As life flows from one generation to the next, life is continued, along with ancient traits and traditions. Our ancestors live through us as we recreate the best of what they handed down to us.


At Shenu Restoration Sanctuary , we joyously reclaim and re-live the ancestral Khametic practices that our Aakhut ah Shepsu (High Ancestors of Light) brought to our people and the world. As we humbly yield to Spirit though baptism and deep soul work, we leave our old selves behind for higher spiritual and cultural enlightenment - and for inner peace. We are born again.


May your life flow in the divine waters of refreshment, renewal, and rebirthing. Mer Aa (Much Love)