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Wednesday, December 16, 2020 8-10pm EST
SESHAT: Create a Seshat Clay Lamp
Seshat is the NTRT known as the Lamp of Prophecy. Learn more about Seshat, Mother of Mysteries, as Queen Mother Imakhu guides you through a live Facebook/YouTube clay molding workshop. Make a Seshat air dry lamp. Perfect for upcoming Nen (Winter Solstice) ceremony on December 21st. Also good altar tool. 
Materials: Air Dry Clay, twine or cording, carving/shaping implement or sharp knife, plastic to cover workspace..
Sunday, October 3, 2020 1-4pm EST
BESU: Crafting the Portal Protecter in Clay  $50
Queen Mother Imakhu guides you through a ZOOM clay molding workshop to make a Besu ritual cup. As a special bonus, you'll also make his mate, a Beset jar. ZOOM link and materials info provided upon payment.

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